How to Find Stability in the Difficult Circumstances of Life

Jesus My Rock and Salvation

Trail walking is my ‘go to’ activity to shape up my focus in life’s difficult circumstances. During the change in seasons the trail become mucky making it difficult to reach my destination. I exert more effort with every step forward to lift my boots up out of the mud. It’s exhausting, but very good training for my muscles! Sometimes we need to exert the same level of effort with our thoughts and emotions to recalibrate their focus. It can feel like pulling them out of sticky muck to re-focus them on solid truth.

Anxiety and fear rattle our emotions, then intimidating thoughts race through our mind with all sorts of false accusations: ‘You are never going to get this right.”, “Give up, it’s not worth the fight.”, and/or “Why is this happening to me?.” This is the breeding ground of reactions, that form when we are left staring at an insurmountable mountain of limitations designed to make us run in the opposite direction, or drive us deep inside a hard shell, like a turtle. Running and hiding are confinement traps that will rob us of living the life God has intended for us.

Accusations are the breeding ground of emotional reactions! The devil wants us to react. Jesus equips us to respond. Share on X

I pray when I trail walk. Viewing the orchestra of creation stretching heavenward lifts my eyes and heart toward God. My mucky steps remind me to talk to Him about my thoughts, feelings, and all the circumstances in my life. Before I know it my feet begin to land on hard rock and walking becomes easier. Then His still small voice prompts me to remember what he has spoken to me, often in direct opposition of my intimidating anxious thoughts.

My favorite trail walk ends on a rock platform with a view of two solid granite peaks called the lion heads. I can hear God pointing out to me that He is my solid Rock, my firm foundation! In these mountain top moments I often think of Hannah, from the old testament book of 1 Samuel. She brought her difficult circumstance and prayed for what looked like an impossible blessing, as her response to her accusing adversary. God answered her prayer and established His word in her life. He gave her what her adversary was using to accuse her – Oh, it so beautiful and faith affirming!

Hannah went on to recite a prayer of thanksgiving to God for reversing her circumstances! She says; “No one is holy like the Lord, for there is none beside You, nor is there any Rock like our God.” (v.2).

God and only God can reverse our human circumstances. He is stable, reliable, and eternal – a solid rock whose knowledge is uniquely vast to weigh out everyone’s actions. He is just and righteous to handle all the circumstances in our lives. He will appraise and elevate us and bring low our adversaries. He lifts us up to set us among princes to our inheritance at His throne of Glory.

God can reverse our human circumstances. He is stable, reliable, and eternal - a solid rock whose knowledge is uniquely vast to weigh out everyone’s actions. Share on X

Our best response when we are tempted to react is prayer. Our solid rock is Jesus Christ, all other ground is sinking sand!

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