Christian blog composing reflections about God to cultivate the garden of our heart with truth. Written by one rescued from atheism.

My Faith Journey Out of Atheism

My coiled up heart rose in atheistic anger, as I lifted my foot up to the seat of my chair, standing above my grade 6 classmates, I potently declared; โ€œThere is no such thing as God!โ€ These seven words began my faith journey, representing the truth as I knew it at that time. But God had other plans for my life!

Fast forward to a park bench overlooking the vast beauty in a west coast Canadian park. The jagged high peaks of the coastal mountains jutted up into the clear blue sky. Wildflowers dotted the forest greenery with brilliant colours of magenta, yellow, violet, and white blossoms gently dancing in the spring breeze. Tiny insects scurried frantically and buzzed their petite wings in glorious detail, as I listened to the rhythmic sounds of leaves rustling in this urban rain forest.

Suddenly my heart flooded with spiritual light and peace as I absorbed the beautiful tapestry before my eyes. It whispered divinity to me. At that moment I knew deep inside that God had to exist! My anxious frightful heart flooded with hope, resting in the stillness of my very precious God moment upon holy ground – His creation! Suddenly my thirst for a what is true and right dispelled the furious arguments I learned during my atheistic upbringing. From that day forward I was determined to learn the truth about God. A truth that eventually brought me to Jesus.

Myrtle and Cypress shares reflections about the changes in the garden of our heart as God cultivates his greace, love, and truth with the precision of an expert gardener. Divine seeds, sprouts, and roots sown and grown with love!

A recent reflection; His promise of Fierce Flourishing of Myrtle and Cypress that displaces the dry wilderness landscape of thorns and briers in our heart. Read more here…

I Pray That The Writing on Myrtle & Cypress Blesses You and causes you to intensely reflect on the Magnificent Beauty of A Loving God!

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