Why Queen Elizabeth II Graciously Symbolizes Christianity

A Symbol of Humility

Celebrity culture notices humility right away. Humility that sets aside privileged status and joins the crowd to respect and honour a life well lived. Recently, soccer star David Beckham stood in line for 12+ hours with thousands of commoners to bow his head before the decorated casket of Queen Elizabeth II in Westminster Hall.

What compelled David Beckham to resist calling any number of significant people that would help him bypass the miles long queue? He was knighted by the Queen and knew who to call for quick and easy access. Instead, David Beckham chose to represent the guiding principle of humility that we all admire.

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Overcoming the Love of Perfection

Designers are often perfectionists! They follow rigid concepts of design that include layout rules, relevant fonts, and colour continuity developed in complex digital platforms. Plotting out the reality of a vision meant to inspire, inform, motivate, and engage an audience can be an elating or frustrating experience.

When all the necessary elements seamlessly fall into place without any hiccups the process to completion renders celebratory high-fives from teammates and audiences alike. But when each step forward meets a new roadblock then irritation rears itself with angry shouts directed toward whatever didn’t deliver exactly what the designer expected, ruining the outcome.

This is what a ‘love of perfection’ can look like. It can leave us feeling like we are failing and leads to criticizing ourselves when we don’t measure up. Unrealistic expectations can turn inward attacking our own transforming spiritual growth, stunting our relationships.

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Advent: A Needed Season of Peace Amidst A Chaotic 2020

They say history repeats itself. Today some are waiting for a political outcome to provide a sense of peaceful stability and/or to ensure victory over oppression. Interesting though, as that is exactly what the 1st Century Israelites were also waiting for.

Their temple rulers and teachers had gone off course without a spirit-filled prophet speaking God’s oracles for more than 400 years. Imagine 400 years of Holy silence. Imagine the confusion wrought from different rebellions rising up to overthrow oppressive rulers during those years. Just imagine how familiar this sounds in today’s chaotic climate of pandemic and political upheaval.

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If God Exists Why Send This Terrible Virus?

If God exists why send this terrible virus? A question often expressed in our culture and recently sent to me by a close friend with a genuinely curious heart. It is a topic we have never discussed, yet an opportunity to share my faith and understanding of God in a way that ignites a deeper inquisitiveness for an answer.

My response is rooted in my own discovery of God’s character, promises, and role in human history. My answers were found in a quest to unearth the truth after God stirred my heart in a beautiful park where I often retreated in search of solace and peace. Then I pursued Him, to discover what follows…

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Online Church: A Belonging Blessing?

Online Church A Belonging Blessing? Blogpost Myrtle & Cypress Faith

There has been a lot of discussion around the validity of online church and whether is qualifies as authentic Christian community. Often times the dialogue originates from trying to figure out why people are migrating to online community. That’s a great question! Great because the reasons are as various as the number of people who now consider an online campus their home church.

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Would Jesus Give Peace a Chance?

Would Jesus Give Peace a Chance Blogpost Myrtle & Cypress Faith

“Give Peace a Chance” is a popular anthem in the anti-war song by John Lennon. This floor-stomping, hand clapping protest song was sung 46 years ago from a ‘bed-in’ with his wife at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal. It’s message and beat took the world by storm becoming one of the most popular songs of all time. It lifted John Lennon into the stratosphere of iconic celebrity. The lyrics position peace in contrast to several ‘isms’, famous names in popular culture, and controversial topics in the 1970’s.
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Women of the Bible: Esther; A Chosen Orphan and God’s Promise to Flourish

Her hand trembled as she placed it on the door to the King’s royal court. Esther knew that without an invitation she could die for walking through this door. She took a big breath, steadied herself, and pushed the large doors open. She heard their gasps, then silence as she stepped into the long walkway toward the Kings throne. King Xerses eyes were fixed on Esther as he lifted himself up from his ornately carved chair. She anxiously inched her way toward him focused on his hand, praying he would seize his golden sceptre to privilege her with access and life.

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