Taming a Wildflower Heart Without Creating a Hedge of Protection

As I walked through the intricate design of an English garden, full of impeccably trimmed hedges, my eye caught a glimpse of a bright wildflower off in the distance. It was swaying in the ocean breeze, changing directions in the salty wind. Streams of sunlight reflected different hues of colour on its pointed petals. It was freely dancing in a tapestry of divine movement. My heart fluttered recognizing it’s own wildness in that strong yet delicate flower.

Wildflowers can be misunderstood.

I’ve always been a wild flower. Often grumbling and arguing against any sort of ‘trimming down’ or being ‘boxed in’ to someone else’s expectations. I want to be free. Free to be wild. Free to be me. Mostly because I didn’t know how to be anything else.

I often contrasted my wildflowerness to others perfectly manicured projections of themselves. In doing this I disqualified myself from ever being able to truly walk in God’s ways. Or in what I thought were God’s ways. You know … the verses that expected girls to be delicate, dainty and quiet! Meanwhile, I just want to scream and shout. Shout about Him and help people understand who He truly is!

MY verses were about “His word being in my heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones; and I was weary of holding it back, and I could not.” (Jeremiah 20:9b)

My raw wildness often positioned me outside my peer group, my family, and my friends. My heart would vacillate between not caring what others thought and condemning myself as a failure. I was hyper focused on all that was wrong with me. I was walking in fear and anxiety. It was exhausting. And I felt trapped behind a self-made hedge of protection.

God wants us to fearlessly flourish in His Kingdom Garden!

And God met me right there! Reminding me that He created me with my personality. He made me a wildflower, and He wants to cultivate my heart to shine goodness, righteousness and truth. He reminded me that He called me out of darkness to be His light in the world.

Darkness is the improper use of wildness that includes; rage, anger, grumbling, arguing, holding grudges, unforgiveness, vain conceit and selfish ambition. Plus more…(gotta read the good book to get the rest).

I didn’t need to lose my wildness or become something I am not. He would work through me and empower me to be a sweet-smelling fragrance – a wildflower blowing in the wind of His Holy Spirit. He was transforming the intentions of my wild heart, changing it’s focus, not it’s personality.

I heard Him say:

Be wild in trusting Me. Be Wild for Jesus. Be Wild for love. Be Wild for forgiveness. Be wild for healing. Be wild for restoration. Be wild with your heart in my ways and allow me to fiercely flourish you!

You are a wildflower of light and life , doing good deeds, for my kingdom! Keep your eyes on me, listen to My voice, and walk in my ways. Everything else doesn’t matter!

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  1. What a beautiful way to receive God’s love. Your thoughts speak directly to my heart! Thank you for painting such a beautiful picture of how God makes each of us a beautiful flower , growing us with His love .

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