Online Church: A Belonging Blessing?

Online Church A Belonging Blessing? Blogpost Myrtle & Cypress Faith

There has been a lot of discussion around the validity of online church and whether is qualifies as authentic Christian community. Often times the dialogue originates from trying to figure out why people are migrating to online community. That’s a great question! Great because the reasons are as various as the number of people who now consider an online campus their home church.

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Would Jesus Give Peace a Chance?

Would Jesus Give Peace a Chance Blogpost Myrtle & Cypress Faith

“Give Peace a Chance” is a popular anthem in the anti-war song by John Lennon. This floor-stomping, hand clapping protest song was sung 46 years ago from a ‘bed-in’ with his wife at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal. It’s message and beat took the world by storm becoming one of the most popular songs of all time. It lifted John Lennon into the stratosphere of iconic celebrity. The lyrics position peace in contrast to several ‘isms’, famous names in popular culture, and controversial topics in the 1970’s.
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Women of the Bible: Esther; A Chosen Orphan and God’s Promise to Flourish

Her hand trembled as she placed it on the door to the King’s royal court. Esther knew that without an invitation she could die for walking through this door. She took a big breath, steadied herself, and pushed the large doors open. She heard their gasps, then silence as she stepped into the long walkway toward the Kings throne. King Xerses eyes were fixed on Esther as he lifted himself up from his ornately carved chair. She anxiously inched her way toward him focused on his hand, praying he would seize his golden sceptre to privilege her with access and life.

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How to Find Stability in the Difficult Circumstances of Life

Jesus My Rock and Salvation

Trail walking is my ‘go to’ activity to shape up my focus in life’s difficult circumstances. During the change in seasons the trail become mucky making it difficult to reach my destination. I exert more effort with every step forward to lift my boots up out of the mud. It’s exhausting, but very good training for my muscles! Sometimes we need to exert the same level of effort with our thoughts and emotions to recalibrate their focus. It can feel like pulling them out of sticky muck to re-focus them on solid truth.

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God Stilled My Frightful Atheistic Heart

My shadow marched in front of me as we strode down the busy cement sidewalk. It was invisible in the shadow of the trees but in sharp focus in the bright sunlight. A stoplight arrested our forward movement and a fleeting thought came rushing into my mind: “If I were to be hit by a car right now and die I would never see any of this world again – EVER! My heart frightfully shuddered within me in that critical moment frantically trying to push down it’s dark fears!

This dreadful thought pressed into and assaulted my atheistic belief system!

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Why My Sneakers Remind Me of Jesus

I love my sneakers!

I love how the laces cinch in my big feet to help them appear slender and stylish with the tongue popping up to show-off the “All Star” tab for all to see. Plus there is a special way to lace up my sneakers … it’s like an initiation rite into “THE” sneakers club! I mean … they even have Youtube videos on how to lace my sneakers – cool right!?!

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