Myrtle & Cypress: A Christian blog written to cultivate the garden of our heart with truth. Written by one rescued from atheism.

My faith journey…

From Atheism to Faith & Beyond

“There is no such thing as God!” I boldly declared while standing on a chair in front of my entire grade school class. I was ten years old. But God had other plans for my life!

Fast forward to a park bench overlooking the vast and beautiful scene in a west coast Canadian park. The jagged mountains embossed the clear blue sky, brilliant violet Rhododendron blossoms gently danced to the spring breeze. Meanwhile tiny insects furiously crawled with purpose through green ferns and fallen cedar bows in this urban rain forest.

Right there, in that place … my seventeen year old self somehow understood that God had to exist. I just knew it! What my eyes took in that day made no sense all by itself, and neither did I or what I had been taught in my atheism. From that day forward I was determined to learn about God.

My growing understanding of God began to rattle the learned cliques that atheism taught me. I began to see God for who he really is; a loving, compassionate creator who is passionate to be in relationship with his creation – Me & You! Jesus is our vehicle to relationship with God, as he is both the son – the image of God on the earth, and the mediator between God and man.

Myrtle and Cypress Faith is a space that shares authentic revelations and God moments that speaks to our hearts about his wonderful works. Because if we really take in the beautiful truth of who God really is, and his love that facilitates relationship with us … we will love him!

A recent revelation is a promise of Fierce Flourishing that replaces our hearts thorn and briers with myrtle and cypress. Read more here…

I Pray That The Writing on Myrtle & Cypress Blesses You and causes you to intensely reflect on the Magnificent Beauty of A Loving God!

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